Liverpool drawn at home to the Mancs in 4th Round

AFTER beating Oldham 5-1 in the Budweiser-sponsored cup at Anfield on Friday night Liverpool were in what used to be a hat (probably) for the fourth round draw this afternoon.

The balls were warmed, Jim Rosenthal was excited and the draw was made.

Liverpool got another home draw – against Manchester United.

Maybe the balls weren’t warmed properly.

The match will be played before the end of Luis Suarez’s ban for the Evra allegations, on the weekend of Friday 27th to Monday 30th January. It might be picked for live TV coverage.

Bring it on.




  1. Tony Howard Avatar
    Tony Howard

    Patrice Evea,Welcome back to Anfield if you dare.

  2. red ahead Avatar
    red ahead

    I notice you’ve been corresponding with the FA.

    I have to ask: WIll the FA be charging Manchester City for failing to control their players when they surrounded the Ref following the red card incident?

    It appears to me as though that was very similar to the issue involve Jay Spearing at Fulham.

    I trust you will follow this up with the FA. Since I live outside the UK, I don’t know if they are obligated to respond to me or not.

    I think this would be an issue worth following.

    1. Jim Boardman Avatar

      I mentioned it on Twitter yesterday, if we want consistency then they should be charged too.

      Try contacting them yourself though, I don’t see why they can’t answer regardless of where you live:

      1. Charlie B. Avatar

        Jim, I think you will find that our ‘friend’ Mr. Friend, the referee in the Fulham game, included the incident in his match report. He reported that he felt ‘intimidated’ -poor lamb- and that is why LFC was charged. Unless Chris Foy mentioned something in his report then it is very unlikely that there will be a charge in this case. As usual the FA will hide behind the referee.
        Just hope that someone at LFC is keeping a record.

        1. Jim Boardman Avatar

          Consistently inconsistent – the English FA

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