The magic of the FA Cup

Friday night football at Anfield two weeks running with Oldham Athletic the visitors tomorrow night a week after the Reds beat Newcastle 3-1 in the league. Tomorrow night’s match is in the FA Cup and it’s certainly seen as a big game for the side from what used to be Lancashire.

Oldham’s website featured an article today, under the headline “Big Match Countdown”, urging fans to do something that sounds either really exciting or plain daft depending on your point of view.

Latics fans are bidding to light-up Liverpool tomorrow night.

Three minutes before kick off, supporters will start a very slow count down from 20.

As it reaches zero, every Latics fan with a mobile phone or flash camera will simultaneously flash their phones to create a spectacle of light which will hopefully be remembered as ‘Latics Light-up Liverpool.’

Can you imagine around 6,000 flashes lighting up the Anfield Road end all at once?

It should be spectacular and may even become Latics’ form of Mexican wave!

A camera
Not all cameras come with a flash. Check before you travel.

It was probably the “slow countdown from 20” that got us laughing most but maybe it will work and maybe it’ll catch on. And 6,000 synchronised phone flashes is better than one annoying drum.

That’s assuming 6,000 Oldham fans take something that flashes and that all of them are in the mood to flash at the same time.




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